Natural Gas Network

Al Fanar was the first company to install a natural gas network in a residential development in the UAE. The installation took place in Al Raha Gardens and now services over 1,370 villas.

Smart Metering System

Al Fanar was the first company in the UAE to implement a smart metering system to streamline the process of gas monitoring and payment. A pre-payment meter allows customers to pay for their energy by topping up a handy, wallet-sized plastic card at a local charging kiosk. By transferring control of gas usage directly to the customer, the system increases efficiency and allows customers to track their spending.

SNG System

Al Fanar was the first company to install a SNG system in Abu Dhabi. Synthetic natural gas (SNG) is a blend of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and air, and provides a replacement for natural gas. The system was custom-designed to fit ADNOC and GASCO specifications. This accomplishment positioned Al Fanar as market leader with more than 70% market share in this segment.

Remote Reading

Al Fanar was the first to introduce to the UAE market an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), a technology platform designed to save improve operational efficiency and labor by automating the meter reading process. Thanks to the AMR, meter-reading takes place automatically and without disturbing the client.

The back-office solution, AMR Hosting, allows users to track gas consumption over the internet. All data is collected in near real-time and is stored in a database by data acquisition software. The user can view, analyze and verify the data via a web application and analysis tools such as charting load profiles and analyzing tariff components.